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Pre-University Remedial Programme

We give students the opportunity to adequately prepare & re-sit their respective papers in "NOV/DEC" Examination.
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I would like to thank the Chancellor, the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, the Council and the entire staff for the confidence and responsibility reposed in me to lead the uniquely unique Catholic University College of Ghana (CUCG). I have taken up the mantle of leadership of the CUCG at a time of stiff competition in the higher education landscape and weak financial health of most private universities in Ghana including CUCG.....

My vision is to rebrand, revitalise and reposition the CUCG to take its rightful place as the leading private university in Ghana and beyond. It is my conviction that for the imperative convenience of its global clientele, CUCG must aspire to be global in its offerings, structuring of programmes, and manner of doing business. The overall goals of universities are to generate knowledge, disseminate information universally and provide community service through teaching, research and socio-cultural engagements with the community at large for public good. To achieve our universal mandate, CUCG like all other higher educational... Read More

image Developing the Discipline and Culture of Publishing Scientific Research: GUIDING PRINCIPLES
Academia requires academics to produce research publications to build capacity, provide solutions to solving societal problems and improve standard of body.... more...
image Training Workshop: Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Ghana.
Civil society groups ought to educate the public on the tenets of their human rights and point out the ills in society to defend and respect the rights of humanity.... more...
image The Contribution of Private School in Funding Education in Ghana.
Private schools in Ghana have, over the years, been contributing greatly to the education sector of the country. The Association of the Private schools in Ghana, has become a force .... more...

CUCG is offering MBA / PGDE Programmes at the Weekends
The world of business today requires graduates with exceptional qualities: commitment, effectiveness, practical and theoretical skills; based on a sound moral discipline...... more...