Education, arguably, is the key to human growth and development of a society or nation. Qualitative, innovative, practical and holistic education is the hallmark of the complete Catholic education world over. Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre is just one of such acclaimed Catholic Institutions.

1. Mission: Mission: To promote academic excellence, moral or ethical values, as well as the integral personal development of its students and their commitment to service

2. Vision: To create a Unique University that can make a distinctive contribution to national development as an institution of academic and technical excellence, whose products are endowed with real practical ability, a moral vision of life and a profound religious motivation for service in all spheres of life

3. Goal: The goal of the Catholic University among other things is to establish a home of academic and technical excellence, provide holistic education and training; discipline and moral excellence; and instill commitment to service


  1. Inculcate high moral standards and impart gospel values to the students in their integral formation in the course of their University education;
  2. Support the development of efforts of the country through emphasis on science and technology (and in particular, Information Technology) and ensure that the University remain relevant and forward looking;
  3. Promote cultural values and ideals through relevant courses and research and in this way contribute to social solidarity, cohesion and advance enculturation;
  4. Help the individual to realize his/her potential
  5. Produce a new type of students
  6. Capable of adapting to the changing work environment
  7. With skills, technical literacy and competence in computers, numeracy, etc
  8. Very knowledgeable of the current trends in local and international affairs; and
  9. Capable of making a positive contribution to his/her society