Faculty of Religious and Social Sciences

    General Description
    The objective of the Programme is a search for knowledge and understanding of religion as it affects the lives of people. The Programme treats religion in its broad and narrow spectrum through the study of the Holy Books of World Religions and the Judeo-Christian tradition. The Programme has an inclusive anthropological understanding of religion in the Judeo-Christian context. Therefore, religion is the most complete and condensed communication system that a cultural people make about themselves, transcendence and the spirit universe. Thus, philosophy of the Programme is to educate students by providing them with a strong background in religious studies.

    The Programme looks at the place of religion in the modern world. It takes cognisance of religious and theological engagements with contemporary social reality. This is based on a philosophical approach that cultivates the spirit of inquiry, understanding and self appropriation. In this quest, the Programme views theology and philosophy as partners in providing the foundation of a holistic approach towards the theory and practice of religious education. This is done in accordance with the mission objective of influencing lives positively without proselytizing students.

    Students of the Faculty of Religious Studies do a B.A. degree in Religious Studies with a bias in Education. They take the core courses of the Faculty, and a few related courses in Education that have affinity with Religious Studies. These students do a minimum of 16 units and a maximum of 18 units per a semester. The minimum or the maximum unit is a combination of RS courses and two courses in Education.

    The students also have the option to do a B. A. degree in Religious Studies, and a Diploma in Education from the Faculty of Education. The students must qualify with a grade point average of 2.5. They take a minimum of 16 units in Religious Studies, and three (3) courses in Education, a maximum of 20 units. The students must do Mathematics, Statistics and other required courses in Education.

    For the 2010/2011 academic year, the Faculty is offering one programme in Religion with a diploma in Education for students who are doing the diploma beyond the B. A. in Religious Studies.

    Undergraduate Programmes

    1. B.A Religious Studies
    2. BSc. Journalism

    3. Postgraduate Programme
    4. M.A. Religious Studies and Pastoral Ministry(Regular /Sandwich)

    Rationale, Goals and Objectives of the Programme Study Rationale:The Catholic Church has a mission to provide education for the citizens of the nation. This reason goes back to the time of the Augustinian Frairs of 1471. Since that time, religious education has become a tool, a means of 'liberation of people's mind from any siege mentality.

    Goals and Objectives: The objectives of the programme are to educate students with strong background in Religious Studies:
    i) The programme educates people who can engage themselves with people of other religions for mutual understanding, tolerance as well as peaceful co-existence in the secular democratic nation, Ghana.
    ii) To prepare and graduate them for inter-religious dialogue.
    iii) To prepare them appreciate and lasting values of religion in general, which are relevant to the modern African quest for nation building.
    iv) To reinforce their appreciation of the urgency of the church's constant call for inculturation of the Christian faith in Africa.

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