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Office of the Registrar
 The Catholic University College of Ghana, Fiapre welcomes Mr. Henry Harry Akosah as the new Registrar. The pivotal role the office of the registrar plays is crucial for the smooth administration of the numerous activities within and outside the confines of the University. Hence, the appointment of Mr. Henry Harry Akosah was a welcome relief to the staff of the University particularly those working under and with him. Read more.....

Registrar's Message

The Registrar's Office continues to execute its mandate  as the fulcrum for administrative work in the University College by  facilitating University business and ensuring effective functioning of  the various committees as well as providing essential services to both  lecturers and students alike.

The Registrar gives the required support  to the Vice-Chancellor towards the achievement of the University's  vision.

The University strengthened its academic and administrative  staff to provide a more enabling administrative environment for  effective academic work.The part-time School also had a Senior  Administrative Assistant assigned to the Directorate to provide needed  services to students and staff.In addition, two Assistant Registrars were assigned to be in-charge of Examinations and Human Resource Management respectively.


In the course of the year, the Registrar's office hosted two teams in relation to accreditation and affiliation issues. There was National Accreditation Board team to audit the University's admissions. Also the University of Ghana sent an Audit team to audit the University's admissions and confirm the extent of the University's compliance with the new admission requirements from the National Council for Tertiary Education. The University was found to be compliant.

University Meetings

The University would want to acknowledge the enormous sacrifices that Deans and Lecturers make towards successful Faculty Board and Senate meetings. In this regard, it is worth nothing that in the year under review, the Senate met twelve times, sometimes sitting for long hours and members did not take any sittinig allowance.

Physical Development
Although a number of major construction works on campus were stalled because of inadequate funding, the University managed to continue work on the University's Administration block from itsown savings. Enough hostels to accommodate the growing student numbers as well as inadequate office accommodation remain a challenge. The construction work on the only access road to the University got underway; benefitting from the Ghana Cocoa Board construction of roads leading cocoa growing areas' project. The University is very grateful to the contractor, Messrs J. Adom Construction Limited for the wonderful work being done


The University continues to appreciate the mentoring efforts of its affiliating Universities, namely the University of Ghana and the University of Cape Coast for the effective guiding role they play in its activities.


Following the introduction  of the new admission requirements, i.e. a student must obtain C6 or  better in the six courses required for admission including English,  Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies, many applicants  were denied access, hence, the dwindling fresh student enrollment for  the 2011/2012 academic year. Again, the policy has had negative  financial impact on the University's finances in the long-term since it  does not charge economic fees. There is, therefore, the need to explore  alternative sources of funding where as the Faculties look at designing  additional attractive programmes rope in more students.


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