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EBA Faculty Programmes

General Description
The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (EBA) offers students the possibility of obtaining a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Economics and Business Administration. The Programme of Studies aims to equip students with both the analytical tools required to understand economic issues and the entrepreneurial skills to meet the challenges of administration and management in a competitive global situation.

Specifically the programme seeks to train graduates who will have the capacity and versatility to meet the needs and requirements of commerce, industry and Ghana's development agenda;
Nourish graduates with values that will make them dedicated to contribute positively to society.

Undergraduate Programmes

For the 2016/2017 academic year, the Faculty offers the following Undergraduate programmes:

  • BSc. Economics and Business Administration (Economics )

  • BSc. Economics and Business Administration(Accounting)

  • BSc. Economics and Business Administration(Management)

  • BSc. Banking and Finance

  • BSc. Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  • BSc. Management and Organizational Development

  • BSc. Human Resource Management

Postgraduate Programmes
Currently the Faculty is offering a cutting-edge Master’s Degree (MBA programmes)in the following areas:
  • MBA, Accounting

  • MBA, Finance

  • MBA, Human Resources Management

  • MBA, Marketing

The University will assist in finding placement in industry and business during the vacation period for students who have completed the second and third year. In their final year, students will undertake a project and write a Long Essay, which shall count as one paper.


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 ====>>> First and Second Year (EBA)
 ====>>> BSc. Economics Option (EBA)
 ====>>>  BSc. Accounting Option (EBA)
 ====>>> BSc. Banking And Finance Option (EBA)
 ====>>> BSc. Management Option

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