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School of Research and Graduate Studies

General Description
The School of Research and Graduate Studies is the latest unit set up at the University College (2010). It is headed by a Dean, to be assisted by a Vice-Dean, and governed by a Board of the School of Research and Graduate Studies. The membership of the Board is constituted by the Dean as the Chairman, a Vice-Dean and two elected lecturers each from the Faculties, who are not below the rank of a Senior Lecturer/Senior Research Fellow.

The School of Research and Graduate Studies has the primary function of co-ordinating all research programmes in the Catholic University College of Ghana, as well as all graduate studies. The unit is made up of two sections, namely Graduate Studies and the Centre for Applied Research, Consultancy and Community Outreach  (CARCCO). 

  Graduate Studies
This section initiates, implements and reviews University-wide policies on graduate education, as approved by the Board of Trustees of the University.

 Its mandate includes:

Giving approval of candidature, supervisors, coursework, thesis topic titles and synopses for higher qualification based on the recommendation from Faculty/Departmental Boards.

Recommending the appointment of Internal and External Examiners in respect of written papers, dissertations or theses to the Senate based upon recommendation from Faculty/Departmental Boards.

Giving provisional approval to graduate examination results upon recommendation from Faculty/Departmental Boards.

Liaising with Deans of Faculties or Heads of Departments on matters relating to graduate studies in their various Faculties/Departments.

Establishing and maintaining links with graduate schools in other universities and institutions in order to promote exchange of graduate students and Staff engaged in graduate work

The Graduate Studies section also serves as the admission office for all graduate students. It keeps the records of all graduate students and offers student services such as orientation for new graduate students and guidance on and thesis writing.

Our Graduate Programmes

  • M.A Religious Studies and Pastoral Ministry
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Education

Other programmes at the Masters level are being considered and you will be notified as and when available.

The course Structure for the Post-Graduate Programmes

 Master of Arts(M.A) in Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry
 Post-Graduate Diploma in Education

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